Shaoi Arts and Crafts Leads in Creation of Innovative Native Products

Arts and crafts products that are done with playful passion are the most creative kind. Shaoi Arts and Crafts is leading the way in creating  local products in Negros Oriental.  The company favors a practical but creative workmanship with social responsibility. And it produces items with a high standard of manufacture, with good focus on aesthetic and emotional values.

Creating the Hottest Local Items

Some of the hottest wearable art, artworks, souvenir craft products and art projects are created by the company. Shaoi Arts sees good access to local markets is key to the success of its products. They can also viewed Instagram and other social media accounts, or even in direct retail shops.

Ms. Sharon Rose Rafols, founder and resident artist, plans and creates products that are visually attractive. She wants her audience to see these in connection to the fast growing local economy. This strategy aims to make her brand of progressive art a driver of this economy.

Products found in the arts shop and site include hand painted apparel, accessories, jewelry, and a wide range of related products. Plus, the company also provides art education by conducting regular workshops. It is an initiative that helps the younger generation get a good start up in art.

A Note on Pandan

On the ground, she is able to incorporate almost all kinds of native materials into her products. While markets consider grass fibers exotic, pandan is widely available in Negros Oriental. Thus, she is promoting it as a base material for a range of well made creative products.

She has taught women weavers of a remote barangay of La Libertad town to create items from pandan. The work of these weavers goes well with the company’s marketing savvy and product designs. This is a setup that provides both good livelihood for the remote community and produces innovative local bestsellers.

Pandan has become a vehicle for artistic expression for Shaoi Arts.

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