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Meet Shaoi

Meet Shaoi

The artist is a woman who has creativity flowing from her fingertips, which she translates into practical projects to empower local women. The grassroots is a place dear to her heart, and she has wide and long experience of this area. Her focus is always on art that is supportable, accessible and helpful not only to her and her art but to the general public.

Thus arts and crafts the Shaoi way is unique to place and time. It is about artistic and creative elements found in Negros Oriental and her beloved Dumaguete City. It is about the state of popular culture and products made from local materials given an amazing and highly marketable spin by Shaoi.

Today, she is the leading maven of popular aesthetics in a city which is a very bright cultural light in the southern Philippines. She works through a variety of organizations offering community based programs, urban advocacies, livelihood assistance, women’s and human rights. It is a holistic, integrated and highly focused approach to art which creates a very useful social system. It goes back to the root of art that is valued as an important part of society because it is a factor for progress.

Shaoi arts and crafts is therefore more than just what it sounds and means. Behind the beautiful, quality made and affordable products is the humane balance. And the well thought out creation of things that last and which you can treasure and collect over time.

Furthermore, what is a given for these products is innovation. And the Shaoi brand, with each soft, community based product launch, is a catalyst, a game changer that others follow and innovate in their own unique ways.

An Amazing Work Ethic

Her passion to alleviate the plight of the poor and her constant search for mediums of artistic expression has made her a real achiever. She is able to juggle a number of projects at the same time. At any one time, she could be handling a terracotta workshop and an art workshop for kids. In addition she is also providing women’s groups throughout the province constant supply of new product designs.